Increase operating income through higher occupancy

Flexible operations allows ReRent to fit into your portfolio strategy - from activating a handful of units to entire buildings.

Flexible & Smart

Upside of hospitality. Downside protection of multifamily.

  • ✔ Increase your NOI
  • ✔ Diversify your cash flow risk
  • ✔ Increase resident satisfaction
Our services

Our flexible operations makes us your one‑stop partner

Services that make it easier for apartment buildings


We can take control of a few apartments or strike a relationship with up to 1,500,000 keys nationally.

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Property types

We are able to seamlessly move into a multifamily complex, manage your hotel or supervise your student housing.

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Our partnerships extend from small town businesses to gateways encompassing cities all across the globe.

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We have the capability to move quickly and efficiently into class A/B, high-rise, mid-rise or garden style apartments.

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Keeping the community safe

Absolutely no smoking including vapes and e-cigs
Legally binding contract signed at booking confirmation
Quiet hours and a strict no party policy

Security features

We utilize a network of smart devices and algorithms to prevent bad actors and behaviors.

Smart sensors

Track noise & number of people in the ReRent, with alerts tailored to unit and property risk-level. Tamper-proof THC & nicotine detection.

Risk analysis algorithm

Risk factors flag extra precautions or automatically cancel bookings.


Multi-layered background check and fraud prevention for every guest.

Guests love staying with us

Our apartments have a 4.87 rating across all booking channels.


I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to add ReRent to our existing systems and increase out monthly income


Our renters love making additional income from their units. We get residents swinging by the front desk to ask about ReRent every week.


ReRent was a no brainer to increase our NOI.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is ReRent different than Airbnb?

Whereas Airbnb is a booking platform, ReRent is a professional property management company. We operate high-end, furnished apartments in well-appointed buildings for flexible-duration rentals.

How is ReRent different than other short-term rental operators?

We are a seasoned team of real estate professionals focused on providing an exceptional hospitality offering for guests, neighbors, and owners alike. With our industry expertise, proprietary suite of safety and security features, and 24/7 operating teams purpose-built for the success of our property owner partners, ReRent is a trusted provider that stands apart from the alternatives.

Can I get ReRent apartments in my building?

We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to our Real Estate Team at

Why should I consider ReRent in my residential community?

ReRent provides property owners with the opportunity to increase NOI by 20% to 40%. Our end-to-end management services make the whole process seamless, requiring little to no effort by you or your on-site staff. ReRent also serves as an added amenity for your existing residents -- offering a place for visiting friends and family to stay in the community, as well as exclusive discounts on our properties nationwide for ReRent neighbors.

Who typically stays at a ReRent apartment?

The majority of our guests are families and non-leisure travelers, including guests who are traveling for business, medical procedures, and home relocations. To ensure the safety and security of our communities, ReRent guests must complete a background check and our proprietary screening process.

Does ReRent take units anywhere?

ReRent was designed with flexibility in mind. Whereas most short-term rental providers only operate in major metropolitan areas and require a high unit count, ReRent operates in more cities nationwide than any other STR operator and is flexible with unit count, location, and property type.

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